Culinary Tours at Home with Chef James Haywood

February 23, 2018

Culinary Tours at Home with Chef James Haywood

Let the Houston Chef Be Your Guide on a Gastronomic Adventure

One of the things we love most about Houston is the immense cultural diversity represented within our vibrant community. As a historic port city and home to several flourishing job markets drawing residents from across the globe, H-town has flourished into a destination known for its attractive cost of living, friendly locals, its world-class museums and performing arts, and our favorite—the fantastic Houston food scene.

We love Houston

With so many varied culinary styles available, one can feast their way around town sampling Chinese dim sum, aromatic Indian buffets and Spanish tapas, chili-laced Viet-Cajun crawfish and masterfully sliced Japanese sushi, Mexican street tacos and Korean hot pot, yogurt-marinated Turkish skewered meats and line-worthy Central Texas barbecue without making a dent on all the delicacies at our fingertips.

This palate-whetting playground inspires and even makes it possible for Houston chefs to experiment, combining flavors and ingredients in unique ways and taking hungry diners for gastronomic travels without even leaving town. And now, we’re thrilled that Cookery chefs make it possible to eat your way around the globe without stepping foot outside your door.

Cuisines from different countries

Represented among our culinary professionals are varied backgrounds, appetites and expertise in cuisines with which they’ve grown up or fell in love with along their cooking journeys. In particular, you’ll find these international influences in the elegant menus curated by Chef James Haywood.

A Texas native and executive chef of celebrated Houston restaurant Kitchen 713, Chef James draws on global influence from his own travels and from around Houston combined with Gulf coast ingredients to create inspired fare at his restaurants and now, in your home.

Ancient World Map

Pick your destination:

  • A Spanish Expedition – Let Chef James share the secrets to creating a perfect batch of sangria followed by a show-stopping Chicken, Chorizo and Seafood Paella and Traditional Spanish Flan custard for dessert.
  • Fashioned by India – Learn to bloom spices and build authentic Indian flavors as you create Pan-Fried Tiger Prawns with citrus-scented yogurt, tamarind butter and fluffy homemade naan followed by Lamb Hara Masala with basmati rice and tomato chutney and finished with Gulab Jamun—rich Indian doughnuts with lemon syrup.
  • Big Easy Celebration – Chef James provides insights into his beloved Cajun cuisine, leading preparations of a bright Shrimp Remoulade with fried green tomatoes and celery root slaw, a classic, hearty Seafood Gumbo full of andouille sausage, Gulf shrimp, lump crab and okra and a dreamy White Chocolate Bread Pudding.
  • A Voyage Through Thailand – Embark on a Thai dining adventure to discover the bright, bold, fresh flavors of Southeast Asia. The hands-on cooking class features a Thai Beef Salad, Khao Soi Gai—an addictive coconut curry noodle soup that’s a favorite Northern Thai dish and a stunning Purple Rice Pudding.
  • Seduced by Spice, a Culinary Journey Through Africa – Enjoy a table-top tour of enticing flavors of the African continent with Chef James as your guide: North African Merguez sausage with a broad bean puree and preserved lemon; West African Suya Spiced Shrimp with tomato butter and caramelized onions; Ethiopian Roasted Lamb Chops, sautéed greens and spiced butter fingerling potatoes and Orange-Honey Bread Pudding.

Ready to plan a culinary itinerary? Peruse all the menus that can be prepared for you by a savvy Cookery chef.

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