Chef James Haywood

Chef James Haywood

About Me

I create flavors of the South that are globally inspired. Growing up in Houston, I started cooking at a young age by watching various members of my family cook with great passion and pride. As a sophomore in college, I establishing a catering company and loved that my food brought people together from all walks of life. My food gets its uniqueness by my study of cultures and destinations around the world. I have travelled the globe to absorb these flavors from the locals. Today, I am owner and chef at my own restaurant, Kitchen 713, on Washington Avenue in Houston. I allow my food to speak for itself and I cannot wait to cook for you.

Cooking Since



Kitchen 713
Owner of Momentum Catering
Owner of Valor Foods, a food packaging and distribution company 


Food Manager's Certification Program issued by City of Houston, Department of Health and Human Services

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