5 Differences Between a Private and Personal Chef

June 18, 2022

Private Chef. Personal Chef. These are two terms that you may have heard bandied about quite often. Perhaps you’ve even heard someone use them to describe the same profession? While there are similarities between the two, to use both terms interchangeably would be incorrect. Confused? Don’t be! We’re here to help you learn about some of the vital differences between the two.


A PRIVATE CHEF is employed within a single household – often on a full-time basis. Their duties would include cooking every meal, sometimes every day.
A PERSONAL CHEF would, on the other hand, have multiple clients and is available on call or by appointment to prepare meals at specific times and venues.


A PRIVATE CHEF often lives in the same residence as the client. All the equipment they would need on a daily basis would have to be a part of the client’s kitchen. They may, but not always, be the ones to buy the groceries they use.
A PERSONAL CHEF would bring much of their own equipment (chefs’ knives, aprons etc.) and would be able to take charge of a client’s kitchen in order to whip up restaurant-grade meals in any circumstance. This would include handling the procurement of quality ingredients, meal prep and clean-up.


A PRIVATE CHEF would be required to cook various meals suitable for the household at any time of day which would require a broader, generalized menu skillset.
A PERSONAL CHEF often focuses on select customized menus that employs their personal expertise with the ability to serve high-quality fare tailored towards a particular client’s preferences and diet plan.


A PRIVATE CHEF will focus on their primary duty – preparing meals for the household they serve. Their aim would be to serve a great meal and all else is regarded as secondary.
A PERSONAL CHEF, meanwhile, combines both the culinary and performative aspects of cooking to bring clients an entertaining experience akin to being inside a restaurant’s kitchen.


A PRIVATE CHEF is bound to a single client looking to have the household meals prepared. Most are not qualified to teach the culinary arts and their duties do not typically require to teach others.
A PERSONAL CHEF is also trained at instructional cooking and many provide private, in-home cooking classes to clients who are looking to sharpen their skills and add new dishes to their cooking repertoire.

So there you have it - you’ve now learnt to differentiate between private and personal chefs – now you can dominate the topic next time it comes up among friends and family at the dinner table or amongst work colleagues at the office! Just remember both professions are, at the end of the day, about providing great food!

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