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Get all the benefits of garlic, oregano, parsley, cilantro, onion, cacao, nuts and other ingredients while you enjoy delicious fresh food. Know that keeping your body healthy and energized does not mean that you have to sacrifice taste. Enjoy a super tasty meal with your friends and family while you nurture your body.



Tartine Available toppings: Olive tapenade, cashew cheese, simple hummus from scratch (I learned the word "Tartine" from a French friend and it is one of my favorites words)  


Ceviche Choose any 3 from: Beans ceviche, hearts of palm ceviche, mushroom ceviche, chickpeas ceviche (All the Ceviche's are prepared with similar ingredients with a little twist)  


Caramel chocolate, almond cookies and matcha truffles (Enjoy dessert without any guilt. Bring real chocolate into your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of the good bacteria. Do you know Cacao goes into a fermentation process? These are three of my favorite desserts. Enjoy!)


$70 Per Person (All Inclusive)  

Number Of Guests 

Minimum: 4 Guests Maximum: 8 Guests  




Meet Chef Benda Tapia

I am a reformed lawyer turned entrepreneur who runs an inspired lifestyle brand called Wellnessabroso. My business started with a blog in 2014 and after my kid's first birthday, I was ready to start teaching cooking classes. With the support of my husband, I taught thousands of people how to prepare easy and tasty meals at home. Every time I received a picture from my clients expressing their excitement about cooking by themselves, I felt extremely rewarded. My cooking classes started from my kitchen and expanded to yoga studios, Finca Tres Robles Farm and to Whole Foods. Yup! You can cook with few tools and in small places.

I have spent half of my life studying various methods to live an efficient and healthy lifestyle. I am a wellness ambassador, a health coach, a chef, an entrepreneur. I look forward to sharing my passion for a healthy life with you soon.

To learn more about Chef Brenda Tapia, Click Here.

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