Five Mother Sauces

Sauce Making Cooking Class

Learn how to build pan sauces to go with your proteins. There are five Mother sauces which will be explained and two will be featured matching them to various vegetables and/or proteins. The cooking lesson will be hands on mixed with demonstrations. You will learn the formulas for building pan sauces to enhance your entrees. There will also be a dessert sauce. You will leave this class with new ways to approach food and better ways to develop flavor.


There will be tastings of everything made. The chef will select the proteins, vegetables and the dessert for pairing with the sauces and the tastings.  Come ready to be inspired and surprised!


$60 Per Person (All Inclusive)  

Class Duration

90 minutes  

Number Of Guests

Minimum: 4 Guests Maximum: 8 Guests

Meet Chef Ellen Schwartz

I have been cooking since I was 9.  My father and grandfather owned grocery stores so I have been around food and foodies my entire life.  Cooking is my passion and I am constantly striving to improve all that I do. I am a culinary instructor in Houston and have also taught classes in professional kitchens at Central Market and Rice Epicurean.  Summers are spent teaching cooking techniques and recipes to children at venues that include Wharton Kids' College in Sugarland, St. Luke's Methodist Church in Houston, and West University's After School Program called Kid's Connect.  One of my favorite pastimes is testing recipes for chefs and providing feedback to help their recipes come to publication. I am thrilled you are interested in learning to cook or improving your skills. I look forward to meeting you in your kitchen soon.

To learn more about Chef Ellen Schwartz, Click Here.

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